Accident Claims Solicitors Cardiff

Lamb & Co has an excellent team of Personal Injury Solicitors who can provide a service for anybody in the Cardiff area who has had the misfortune to have been involved in an accident that was not their fault and have suffered injuries and financial losses as a result.
Whatever the type of accident, we are always ready to assess your situation sympathetically and advise you on your chances of making a claim for to recover the maximum in compensation for your accident claim. One of the most common consequences of a serious and traumatic accident is that the person who has been injured goes into a state of shock and has to rely on the care and attention of Medical Professionals as well as his or her own family and friends. At the same time, being compensated for the financial losses that have taken place becomes more important and in these circumstances the more quickly a claim is made, the more likely it will have a chance of success. Here in Cardiff, Lamb Law has a reputation for swift and effective legal action.Some of the most common causes of accidents are those involving negligent or poor driving behaviour and, unfortunately, it is a fact that even the most defensive and careful drivers can still be involved in an accident and become injured when it is not their fault. All it takes is a moment’s inattention at a junction or a chance encounter with somebody who is affected by too much alcohol or drugs. Our solicitors at Lamb Law have had years of experience dealing with road accident victims and have accumulated an enviable success rate in pursuing claims for compensation for our clients in the Cardiff area.Despite significant improvements in workplace health and safety conditions, there are still far too many situations in which employers fail to provide sufficient training or a safe working environment. The result is a number of accidents and illnesses that take place at work which should not have materialised. Employers are legally responsible for providing minimum standards of safety in their workplaces and are obliged to compensate any of their workforce who suffers from the multitude of possible issues that can result when conditions are not as they should be.In all accident claim cases, whether the accident be on the road or at work or in any other type of accident, Lamb & Co offers their “no win no fee” service for their clients, in which they do not have to pay for our legal fees if their case is lost. We assess every case quite carefully, however, and endeavour to make sure that we only pursue a case if it has a good chance of success.

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