Personal Injury Solicitors Cardiff

Lamb & Co Personal Injury Solicitors Cardiff have a talented team of personal injury solicitors on hand to deal with any type of injury or accident that you have suffered. Whether it is a traffic accident or an accident on a street or in a public place, or even where you work, we are always ready to take up a case for compensation on your behalf. Our solicitors have built up an enviable reputation for successful action in personal injury cases and can be relied upon to provide you with sensitive and sympathetic legal assistance.
Many people who have suffered an accident or injury can be so traumatised by the experience that they are left in a state of shock and become totally reliant on the help and attention of their family. In these circumstances, it is necessary for a rapid investigation of the cause by professional personal injury specialists to ascertain the blame for the situation that has occurred. Swift legal action can usually result in a successful claim for compensation when a third party is responsible for the injury or accident. We at Lamb & Co Personal Injury Solicitors Cardiff are adept at resolving fast and effective compensation claims.Some of the worst injuries here in South Wales have developed as a result of workplace accidents, They may not only severely affect their income, but might lead to years of rehabilitation and specialised medical treatment. Employers are fully responsible for health and safety procedures in a workplace and they may be to blame in a situation when an employee sustains an injury while at work. Our team of legal experts will be able to investigate the cause of the injury and act vigorously on their behalf when a claim for just compensation is justified.

Road accidents are far too commonplace and injuries like whiplash or broken limbs can be caused by the bad driving practices of others. Lamb & Co Personal Injury Solicitors Cardiff will endeavour to pursue a full claim for just compensation in the event that another driver is responsible for a road traffic accident.

People expect to be able to cycle down the road or use the pavements without worrying about having an accident. All too frequently an incident occurs due to the poor maintenance of facilities for which the local authority is responsible. Our team of solicitors will ensure that a claim for compensation is swiftly settled in these circumstances.