Accident at Work Solicitors in Cardiff

Most accidents are due to somebody, somewhere at fault, but they are not always prepared to admit to their mistakes. If you are unlucky to sustain an injury in your work place and your employer has been negligent, you could be entitled to claim compensation due to the employer’s negligence. If the accident was caused by a work colleague, you are still entitled to make a claim as it is the employer’s job to monitor the work behaviour of all employees under their control.

An accident at work may be the fault of several employees, but this does not mean you cannot claim compensation as it may be due to inadequate training or the provision of properly maintained equipment. Every employer is legally obliged to provide a safe and healthy work place environment and be insured for the eventuality of an accident taking place on their property.

If you have been injured in an accident at work and you think you should be compensated in some way, then you should contact one of our Accident at Work Solicitors in Cardiff here at Lamb & Co, who are experienced in dealing with compensation claims for these sorts of accidents. Once you have discussed your situation with us, we will give you an honest opinion about how successful your claim is likely to be and we will not take on your case if we do not think we will win.