Car Accident Solicitors in Cardiff

The conditions on our roads today require that a driver must be fully focussed at all times. If there is any lapse in concentration, then the safety of both the driver and any passengers is under threat. Even a pedestrian could be at risk if the driver is not paying full attention to other road users.

If you are a passenger in a car and an accident takes place whilst your driver is talking on a mobile phone and you are injured, then you are entitled to put in a car accident claim for compensation. The same situation applies if the driver causes an injury to another road user, such as a cyclist or the driver and passengers of another car.

If you’re looking for Car Accident Solicitors in Cardiff, you’ve come to the right place. Our dedicated car accident solicitors at Lamb & Co have substantial experience in assisting victims who have suffered in accidents as a consequence of mobile phone usage. We process a car accident claim on a ‘no win, no fee’ basis. We also guarantee that we will recover the absolute maximum compensation available if the claim turns out to be successful.

You can rest assured that at Lamb & Co we’ll thoroughly assess your case and will offer no false hopes – we only take up a claim if we are sure that the victim has a good case for compensation. If in the unlikely event your claim is lost, we will not charge you a penny under the terms of our ‘no win, no fee’ agreement.