Motorcycle Accident Solicitors in Cardiff

Seventy five percent of all accidents involving a motor cycle are head-on collisions with another vehicle. It is most likely that in the event of an accident, the motorcyclist and his or her passenger, if any, will come off the worse in the accident.

The rider of a motorcycle or the passenger may claim compensation if the accident was not his or her fault. This is their legal entitlement.

If you have been a victim of an accident that involved a motorcycle and it was not your fault, then you should be contacting one of our expert personal injury solicitors at Lamb & Co who will assess your eligibility for a motorcycle accident claim. As experienced Motorcycle Accident Solicitors in Cardiff, we regularly put in compensation claims for injuries resulting from accidents either on a motorcycle or claimants who have been hit while a passenger on a motorcycle. We are proud to have a very high success rate.

You have nothing to lose when you use our services as we only put in a motorcycle accident claim if we think we have a high chance of winning. Our aim is, and always has been, to seek to recover the highest possible award of compensation for the injuries suffered. If in the unlikely event we fail to win your claim, then you are covered by our ‘no win, no fee’ arrangement and you will not be charged for our legal services in progressing the case for you.