Road Traffic Accident Solicitors in Cardiff

If people only suffered injuries from their own mistakes then the statistics would not be so shocking, but in fact many people get injured when another driver has caused the crash, perhaps from the rear or a side swipe. Road traffic injuries can be severe and emotionally distressing and will affect the victim for a very long time, even if it is just the memory of the whole incident. For a situation in which you have been involved in an accident caused by another driver, you have every legal right to make a road traffic accident claim.

The success of the claim depends a lot on proving negligence on part of the other driver, but you should always contact a personal injury solicitor to help with advice and take up your road traffic accident claim.

Lamb & Co have a team of experienced Road Traffic Accident Solicitors in Cardiff ready to offer a free, impartial and friendly service for anybody injured in a road traffic accident. If you are not responsible for your accident, then you can be rest assured that the ‘no win, no fee’ service that we provide will mean that you don’t have to pay a thing, even in the unlikely event that your case cannot be settled successfully.

With years of professional expertise in the personal injury field, we have the confidence to know which cases have the best chance of success. Your road traffic accident claim is in excellent hands with our personal injury solicitors, and we can assure you that when you receive your compensation payment, every penny will end up in your own pocket. We only collect our legal fee from the other driver or their insurance company.