Weather Related Accidents

December 3, 2011

As all readers are aware, the bad weather we have had recently has caused havoc on our roads causing a significant increase in the amount of road traffic accidents occurring. A lot of our clients have suffered significant injuries due to being involved in weather related accidents over the last few weeks.

Whilst government weather warnings tell us all to avoid driving, we all lead extremely busy lives and for many of us, the use of a motor vehicle is essential for travelling to and from work and taxiing our children and family from A to B.

During the winter months and through periods of bad weather, drivers suffer a reduction in visibility and the traction on cars and other vehicles causes skidding due to snow and black ice remaining on the road surfaces. The hazards of driving in these conditions increases the risk of a collision taking place with another vehicle or even innocent bystanders.

The law, as it presently stands, does not provide any real prospect for an injured party to successfully sue the local highway authority for failing to ensure that the roads and pavements are properly gritted. It remains the case that drivers who lose control of their vehicle as a result of bad weather will be unable to successfully defend a claim for personal injury compensation by blaming the weather conditions at the time of the accident. In these circumstances, responsibility for the accident will firmly rest with the driver who is said to have lost control and a claim against them and/or their insurance company is highly likely to succeed.

It is hoped that all of our readers remain safe on the roads in these awful weather conditions.

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