Compulsory airbag jackets could save lives

April 25, 2012

Scores of lives may be saved each year if motorbike airbag jackets for motorcyclists were made mandatory by the government, like helmets are, say accident and emergency doctors.

Their design is similar to car air bags, and the jackets are worn by the motorcyclist and will inflate if a rider falls off when involved in a crash, thus assisting in the rider’s protection.

The current figures from the HSE indicate that more than 600 motorcyclists die each year as a result of a road traffic accident. Even though motorcyclists make up only 1 percent of road users, their fatalities are a staggering 19 percent.

If airbag jackets were made compulsory, it would not only be lives that are saved but the injuries that survivors have to endure and the life -time suffering and effects of such accidents as well.

Our personal injury solicitors at Lamb & Co have fought for compensation for hundreds of motorcyclists who have been involved in a road traffic accident. They are some of the worst injuries imaginable and even a generous compensation claim for such injuries often never brings back a full life to the victim.

However, if the accident was not the fault of the victim then claiming compensation from the offending party not only goes some way to relieve the financial burden but is also a warning to other road users that care should be taken when travelling on our busy roads.

A “no win no fee” arrangement with us ensures that any victim of a motorcycle accident that was not their fault allows them the opportunity to pursue a claim regardless of income. We rarely lose a case but, if we do, then all victims are covered and will not owe us a penny. Once a compensation payment has been received, the victim owes us nothing as the offending party’s insurance pays our fees.