Construction site accidents are all too common

April 22, 2012

Accidents in a workplace such as a construction site are quite common. The Health and Safety Executive reported that there were 2,585 major injuries to construction workers in 2009/10.

Construction sites are work places that are risk prone but, as with most accidents, with a little care and attention could be avoided.

One of the commonest causes of construction site accidents is simple wear and tear of machinery and site equipment. If they are not serviced and maintained at regular intervals then personal injuries are a real possibility.

Many workers fail to realise that they are able to request regular breaks from supervisors when they use heavy equipment. Also, as a worker you can ask for faulty equipment to be replaced. Both these requests can help in the prevention of workplace injuries.

Management of safety regulations is conducted by the Health and Safety Commission, and is put into force by the Health and Safety Executive. They make attempts to make sure that any risks in workplaces, which include construction sites, are appropriately monitored to reduce accident risks.

Our experienced team of personal injury solicitors at Lamb & Co deal with all sorts of construction site accidents, which include falls from scaffolding, encounters with lifting equipment such as cranes, burns from welding equipment, injury from falls due to poorly maintained safety harnesses and accidents with forklifts. These are only a few of the accidents that can take place on a construction site.

If you are involved in an accident in your workplace and you know it was not your fault there are certain things you can do at the scene of the accident that will help you gain compensation.

Obviously, if you are seriously injured and hospitalised following through the scene of the accident immediately will not be possible. You can contact one of our experienced personal injury solicitors at Lamb & Co and they will compile the required information for you. This will include collecting evidence surrounding the accident event and seeking out names and addresses of any witnesses.

Accidents in the construction industry can mean a huge loss of wages if the victim requires recovery time at home. The only way to deal with this loss is to seek compensation to help to cover the financial burden. Not only will you receive compensation but also it will be a reminder to employers to tighten up their safety record by placing more checks and balances on safety issues within their workplace.