Cyclists are often not seen before an accident

April 26, 2012

Today, more and more people are taking to our busy roads on a bicycle and for many good reasons too. Fitness is something that has become a pressing issue along with the desire to beat traffic jams in urban areas and economise on petrol usage as fuel prices escalate.

Many local councils have established cycle paths to ensure cyclists can travel safely to their destinations but never enough has been done, so cyclists have to compete on our congested highways with other road users.

Most cycle accidents that take place involve another vehicle. Statistics indicate that over 75 percent occur while the cyclist is travelling in one direction while others occurs when the cyclist or the other driver are bearing right. Often the cyclist has not been seen when the accident takes place.

Research instigated in London reveal that women have a higher chance of being involved in an accident.

Laws regarding cyclists have not been taken seriously when it comes to road traffic cases. More recently there is more focus on this and the Court of Appeal has highlighted that not wearing a cycle helmet might be considered contributory negligence, which would reduce an injured cyclist’s claim for personal injury compensation if the accident was not their fault.

The main types of cycling accidents which bring about a personal injury compensation claim include bicycle accidents that have been caused by other road users, normally a vehicle. This may include being knocked off your cycle because of the negligence of a car driver, a lorry driver, a motorcyclist or even another cyclist. There are some compensation claims that are caused by a pedestrian not looking and walking out into a road and knocking a cyclist of his/her bike and passengers opening a car door when a cyclist is driving past.

There are other situations when personal injury claims have been successful and that is if an accident was caused by pedals being faulty and handle bars breaking.

Most cyclists’ hospital admittances are due to injuries to the shoulders and arms or the face and head, statistics from the Department for Transport indicate.

If you have been involved in a cycle accident and you were injured and it was not your fault and it happened in the last three years then you may be entitled to make a compensation claim. Our team of personal injury solicitors at Lamb & Co knows about the suffering that can take place as a result of injuries when involved in a cycle accident and a quick visit to our office will tell you if you have a winnable claim for compensation.

You will not need to pay anything as we offer a “no win no fee” service which means if we lose the claim then you pay nothing. If we win the case on your behalf, the losing party pays our fees.