Guidelines to follow when involved in a road traffic accident

April 22, 2012

If you have, unfortunately, become entangled in a road traffic accident, it can be an extremely stressful experience and it can be a time when the mind draws a complete blank.

This situation can in the end prevent you from claiming any compensation, particularly if the accident was not your fault.

Unless of course you have been seriously injured, you have to follow some steps to make sure any claims for damage can eventually go ahead. After any road traffic accident, a claim for compensation can proceed up to three years after the accident took place. This offers plenty of time but it is much more difficult to collect and collaborate evidence too long after the accident actually took place. Because of this, it is necessary to be quite calculating soon after the unfortunate incident.

First, you must keep calm and establish if you or any of your passengers are seriously injured. If so, then an ambulance must be called which will involve the presence of the police.

Assuming you are able to, you should speak to any other driver who was involved in the accident and take down their full details. These will include the name and address of the person, the registered number of the vehicle, the make and model and the colour of the vehicle, the driver’s insurance company and if possible policy number. At this stage, you should not say anything or admit to negligent driving as who was to blame will still be uncertain.

Once you have recorded the necessary details, then the vehicle will have to be relocated, if it is not roadworthy. This will mean contacting a vehicle recovery business who will charge a fee for the service. You should keep the receipt, as this can be included in any compensation claim.

If you have sustained an injury in the accident you should seek medical treatment from your GP, if nearby, or the closest hospital.

If you were driving when the accident took place, you should inform your insurance company of your involvement in an accident but any claims for compensation should go through a personal injury solicitor and not your insurance company.

Not long after the accident, you will be contacted by the other driver’s insurance company. At this stage, you should not engage in any conversation in relation to a claim or take up any offers of settlement. You should request them to make contact with your personal injury solicitor at Lamb & Co.

Once you have followed these steps you should call us at Lamb & Co personal injury solicitors who will discuss any claims for compensation if the road traffic accident was not your fault. Our team of experienced solicitors has won many cases for compensation for victims of road traffic accidents and will know what chances there are of securing any compensation. We also ensure that you do not pay anything if we lose your claim for compensation as you are covered by our “no win no fee” arrangement.