Is the “no win no fee” slogan fact or fiction?

April 10, 2012

Our solicitors at Lamb & Co deal specifically with personal injury claims. Because of our “no win no fee” service, it is completely free to individuals who have suffered a personal injury after an accident that was not their fault which took place in the last three years. Many people who have suffered a personal injury and think they should gain some sort of compensation for the suffering caused by a third party are often quite daunted by the necessity to go through legal channels to get a just compensation payout.

The concept of “no win no fee” seems to make no monetary sense, as the thought that goes through the unaware mind is that visiting a solicitors’ office instantly incurs the presentation of a legal bill. Just the matter of a simple telephone call or a word with a receptionist brings to mind that the handing over of a bill for that service will take place.

This sort of fear is totally unfounded as the “no win no fee” concept quite simply means that if we fail to win your claim for compensation then our solicitors’ firm is obliged to foot the bill for all legal expenses or in the alternative, you may be entitled to legal expense insurance. We will also cover you against such risks if you do not have this type of cover by suggesting that your case be covered by an ‘After the Event’ insurance policy the fee for which will be covered by the third party insurance company.

You might still be wondering who will pay if the compensation claim is successful. This situation is a little more complex, but in the majority of cases including our firm, the claimant never has legal fees taken out of their compensation payment, but the solicitor bills the losing party. In the end, it is a win win situation for the victim of the personal injury, as they pay nothing at all for the use of our services. This may seem quite unbelievable in our commercially centred world, but is entirely true, so there are certainly gains to be made when you deserve a compensation payment for a personal injury that is not of your making and you use our services to obtain what is rightfully yours and remember if your awarded £10,000 you keep £10,000 guaranteed.