Making a personal injury claim is not intimidating

April 20, 2012

A personal injury claim takes place when you are hurt because of the negligence of someone else. Some personal injuries result from road traffic accidents and others from workplace accidents.

Any person who thinks s/he is entitled to make a claim should not feel intimidated by the thought that such a procedure may cost a lot of money, because it does not. The system in the UK allows for any victim, of any income level, to take advantage of the services of a personal injury solicitor without any financial burden.

The compensation claim can be undertaken on a “no win no fee’ basis and there is no cost involved from the start of the claim until the compensation payment has been received.

Once you have chosen to follow through your personal injury claim, one of our personal injury solicitors at Lamb & Co will be allocated to your case and will follow it through from start to finish. If there is any need for you to make contact then you can be assured that the same person will be on hand to deal with your requirements.

The allocated personal injury solicitor will then collect all the evidence that is required for the claim to be successful and then file a claim. The solicitor will inform the defendant with the complete details of the injury and the reason for the claim being made.

The defendant will be given a deadline to answer which is not usually more than three months. Once an agreement has been reached with the defendant then the personal injury solicitor will try to settle the compensation claim out of court but if for any reason there is a failure to agree then the solicitor will start to prepare the case to be argued in court.

Normally, most solicitors do not take on compensation claims unless they think they have a good chance of winning. This means that the whole procedure is a lot simpler and less intimidating because the likelihood of making an appearance in court is very low.

We at Lamb & Co do not have to worry about covering our fees, as the losing party has to pay once the compensation claim has been successful. In all cases, this means that the victim can keep all the compensation payment and will owe nothing to us. If in the unlikely situation that the case is lost then the victim is covered by our “no win no fee” policy and will not have to contribute anything.