Memorial Day highlights effects of government cuts in workplace health and safety

April 26, 2012

While the event happened some way away from the area that Lamb & Co normally deals with in their personal injury cases, the memorial day taking place in Leeds this week serves to illustrate something that is happening all over Britain as a result of government cut backs in workplace health and safety.

The Memorial Day is staged every year at the same time to commemorate all those people who die or are injured at work for no fault of their own. A tree was planted at the site of the memorial last year and a wreath is to be laid at this year’s event.

Representatives from trade unions, members of parliament and the personal injury law sector will all have something to say in speeches expected to be given at the event.

A recent case of a railway worker who lost a thumb in an accident in which he had to remove waste pipes on a train and developed an infection is to be highlighted by the personal injury representative. It is thought that the worker would not have suffered the injury if he had been issued safety gloves. He had to stay off work for three months after having his thumb amputated and was then on light duties at work after his eventual return.

Union representatives are using the occasion to strengthen their campaign against recent changes in health and safety legislation brought in by the government.

One of the changes has effectively reduced the amount of heath and safety legislation by fifty percent. According to the government the legislation is “unnecessary red tape and hinders the way businesses are free to act.”
In addition, the number of visits by health and safety inspectors is to be reduced by thirty percent.

Union representatives say that these changes will simply put workers at greater risk of having workplace accidents and reversing what has been a slow improvement in conditions at work over the last century.

Lamb & Co are experienced and dedicated workplace accident solicitors who have worked hard over the years on many hundreds of compensation cases involving workplace accidents. We believe that anybody at work involved in an accident that has been caused by deficient workplace safety conditions should be entitled to fair compensation for their injuries.