Work place accident claims are inevitable

April 20, 2012

The use of heavy machinery, moving vehicles such as forklifts and noise means it seems inevitable that factory accidents will and do happen.

However, with all accidents there is always someone who is ultimately at fault. A forklift whose reversing alarms are inoperative or the driver who has not yet passed a test are all acts of negligence on the part of the employer.

Often, many accidents are quite small, like a slip or trip on a slippery surface and cause little or no significant injury to the worker. Even though there will be someone who is to blame, the memory of the incident eventually becomes blurred and is forgotten.

However, if the accident occurred because an employer failed to take into consideration proper safety precautions in the workplace, an accident claim can go a long way to cover any costs that are incurred because of the need to receive medical treatment and loss of income during the recovery process.

The most common injuries are caused by manually lifting heavy loads, incorrectly often referred to as manual handling.

Training programmes are essential in workplaces but are not always carried out and not all employees may have gained from the training for some reason or another. The geographical area that our personal injury solicitors at Lamb & Co covers includes factories and other industrial environments and we have dealt successfully with many claims for compensation for accidents that take place in the workplace.

Workplace accident compensation claims can be considered where the worker’s injuries would not have happened if the right steps had been taken to ensure the working environment was as safe as possible. All employers have to take care of employees, which really means they must take all possible measures to prevent any accidents taking place at work and therefore offer a safe working environment.

Within the confines of a factory, employers should carry out regular health and safety evaluations, provide employees with the correct safety equipment e.g. earmuffs, safety goggles or appropriate gloves and make sure that employees are thoroughly trained in the use of all any machinery they may encounter.

If your employer has failed to follow correct protocols and their negligence has brought. about an injury, it is quite reasonable to put in a claim for compensation. Our experienced personal injury solicitors at Lamb & Co offer a free service to victims of workplace accidents if their injury is not their fault and it happened in the last three years and if the claim is not successful, then the victim will be covered by our “no win no fee” arrangement.