Equipment supplier responsible for hand severing incident

June 29, 2012

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has finalised proof for the prosecution of LISEC, an equipment supplier, after a shocking personal injury was inflicted on a worker some years ago.

A technician who is now 32 years old watched his hand cut off after a sheet of glass that weighed nearly a ton rolled off an inappropriately functioning tilt table situated at the Solaglas plant, County Durham, in 2007. Even though sufficient safety precautions were in place this frightening accident still took place.

Lisec, which is responsible for the installation of the equipmen,t was fined, eventually, £100,000 at Teesside Crown Court recently.

Martin Baillie, an HSE inspector, said the shocking incident should never have occurred, as when the table is normally put into its emergency stop situation there should never have been any remote possibility for the glass to slip out. Because this incident took place when it shouldn’t have done there was obviously someone at fault, even though it took many years to bring the company to court.

The HSE also played an active role ensuring the prosecution of a waste recycling concern in Gravesend, when an employee was unfortunate to lose his arm in an onsite accident.

Vladislavs Golovacs watched his arm being crushed, in December 2010, after he made an attempt to unfreeze a conveyor belt that was blocked. He did not have appropriate training to complete this task at the Dartford site of Pindens.

In this situation Pindens was in breach of health and safety requirements that insist that correct training is provided by employers, especially if there are any obvious risks involved concerning the employee and any other fellow workers.