Lamb & Co Strong Supporters of Marie Curie Cancer Care

July 13, 2012

As professionals in Personal Injury Law, our team of Solicitors are regular observers of a huge number of injuries and illnesses which our clients have sustained through no fault of their own due to accidents either at work or on the highways and byways. In most circumstances, this human suffering has to be dealt with impartially and structurally as part of our work, but we are good honest people nonetheless and it is impossible not to be touched emotionally by the human stories that our clients’ accidents reveal.

Sometimes, personal tragedy unrelated to anything that our work entails brings other people’s suffering and the dedication of health care professionals much closer to home.

This was the case with Lamb Law’s Managing Director, Claire Lamb, who lost her own mother to lung and brain cancer last year after a long period of illness in which she was adamant that she should stay at home in the company of her family. Claire was moved by the dedication and professionalism of the Marie Curie Cancer Care nurses who made life so much more worthwhile for her mother during the last period of her life and decided that her firm should go the extra mile and personally support the charity in any way that it could. It seemed particularly fitting that the firm should support such a cause as Claire’s mother had shown such strong support for the law firm that she and her sister Debbie worked at during her own life.

The Marie Curie Cancer Care organisation is active all over Britain and provides trained nurses to care for terminally ill cancer patients, carrying out research on ways to provide better health support for cancer patients and keep cancer research and the alleviation of suffering on the political agenda while pressing for the very best care for cancer patients who choose to stay at home.

It is named after the famous French / Polish scientist who in the early part of the twentieth century became the only person in the world to be awarded separate Nobel prizes in two different sciences, Chemistry and Physics. Her ground breaking discoveries of the nature of radioactivity were instrumental in the early use of radioactive isotopes to treat cancer. Marie Curie later started the Curie Institutes in Paris and Warsaw, which are still active medical research centres today.

The precursor of the present day Marie Curie Cancer Care was started in the same year as the National Health Service, 1948, and in its early days raised funds to provide hospital care for cancer patients, help provide nursing care for patients at home and educate the public about cancer in general. The work it did was revolutionary stuff in those days and the Marie Curie Foundation as it was then called quite quickly established a well deserved reputation for its cancer care service.

Marie Curie Cancer Care finds ways to raise funds for its charitable activities in many diverse ways and Lamb & Co’s team of Solicitors and office staff are personally getting involved not only in reaching into their own pockets to raise funds but get involved practically with some of the local fundraising events organised by the charity’s local Fundraising Group.

On 9th September, some of the office team are taking part in the sponsored 10 km walk from Thurstaston to West Kirby along the beach, with a return along the Wirral Way, while on 14th October a much more challenging effort will see at least four of Lamb & Co’s own team abseiling nearly 40 metres down the Leasowe Lighthouse in order to raise funds for the charity!

If you wish to read more about the work that Marie Curie Cancer Care do then you can visit their website at
You can also read the effort that Lamb & Co are making to support everything that the charity is doing by clicking on the links on our own website or donating via our “Just Giving” page.