Loss of elderly woman’s foot leads to PI case against the Met

August 11, 2012

A personal injury claim has been made against the Metropolitan Police by the family of an elderly great-grandmother after losing her foot in an injury sustained when a speeding police car ran over it two years ago.

The police van was responding to a “999” call at the time and was travelling at speed on the wrong side of the road when it ran over Annie Fallon’s foot. She was attempting to cross a road in Cockfosters when the accident took place.

The Crown Prosecution Service decided to take no action against the driver of the police van after the original hearing. This was despite an independent investigation into the incident finding that the police officer involved had not been trained for driving techniques in emergency responses.

Mrs Fallon’s family has now decided to make a claim against the PC who was driving the van and the Metropolitan police. The claim will be for compensation for the injury to the foot, most of which had to be amputated after the accident took place. The claim amount has been set at £300,000.

Mrs Fallon’s grand-daughter, Genevieve Hassan, said that the accident has had a huge effect on her grandmother. She said that the lack of mobility meant that she had been forced to give up some of her much cherished independence. Mrs Fallon has also to care for her husband, who is five years older than her and was a prisoner of war in Japan in the Second World War.

Ms Hassan said that the prosthesis that had been designed by the NHS for her grand-mother’s lost foot was not very satisfactory and was painful to wear. The compensation payment, if successful, could be used to make a more suitable and comfortable prosthesis for Mrs Fallon.

Ms Hassan also said that the consequences of the accident seemed to be insufficient. She said that untrained police officers should not be used to respond to emergency call outs and, if they had to, should be told to be much more careful when in a pedestrian area. The police van had been travelling at 43 mph in a 30 mph zone at the time of the accident and had been approaching a central reservation without adjusting his speed, according to the information recorded by the court hearing.