Accidents and Uninsured Drivers in Britain

September 25, 2012

All drivers throughout Britain are by law required to take out car insurance, but it is estimated that nearly 6 percent of all drivers out on our roads are not covered by insurance.

It is really quite a surprise that so many people are getting away with it.

The situation is made worse by the fact that uninsured drivers are currently responsible for approximately 23,000 injuries and 160 fatalities every year. That is quite a staggering revelation and is made worse by the fact that many of the victims of injuries will discover it is very difficult or impossible to put in a claim for compensation as there is no insurance company to pay the bill.

However, all is not lost for victims, as since 1999 the MIB (Motor Insurance Bureau) came up with an agreement with the British government to assist those who have been seriously injured with gaining some sort of compensation. This takes place because the MIB has put together a fund, collected in small sums from all the drivers that do currently have car insurance, which creates a pool of money available for compensation.

With the assistance of any personal injury solicitor, it may be possible to be in receipt of some of this cash even though it is not a guarantee and it is most likely to be awarded to those who have suffered a serious injury.

Offering this other avenue for compensation is not an ideal situation as it is far more important that drivers are punished for evading insurance obligations. However, for the victims of these careless drivers, there is some monetary assistance available. It’s a service that can enhance the quality of life for those inflicted with a severe life changing injury through no fault of their own.