Solicitor left with brain damage by cyclist

September 3, 2012

Last week a cyclist was convicted of knocking down a solicitor and inflicting a serious brain injury.

Clive Hyer was unfortunate to suffer brain damage and will most likely have to forfeit his legal career. He was injured when a cyclist ran into him as he crossed over the road.

Proof of the incident appeared on CCTV and was presented to the The City of London Magistrates’ Court that photographed the cyclist running a red light while travelling at 26 mph.and then hitting Mr Hyer.

On impact Mr Hyer brain haemorrhaged and fractured his skull. A medical witness stated that Mr Hyer has only 40 percent recovered and it is now a long time since the accident.

As any family member or personal injury solicitor knows only too well that an injury like this is certainly no laughing matter as a serious injury has a lifelong impact affecting both family and friends.

Fortunately, the Court confirmed that the cyclist acted foolishly and has now to pay the penalty. It is now up to Mr Hyer to put in a personal injury claim for compensation for his brain injury. He will undoubtedly suffer deeply for the rest of his life and may very well be disabled financially as he may never reach his full earning potential.

Victims like Mr Hyer have every right to put in for compensation for injuries that were not their fault. Any compensation payment should cover all of his financial losses as well as any further loss into the future.

Other considerations that are made when a compensation claim is lodged is a component for any extra specialist care that may be required if mobility is affected and any alterations that may be necessary for the home.

No personal injury claim is straightforward, but victims of injuries who have to face life changing situations which they never asked for, should not hesitate and put in a compensation claim.