Worries about Wirral workers highlights a far from perfect workplace safety situation

September 2, 2012

Last month, three Wirral workers could have died if they had fallen while undertaking work on a warehouse roof situated in Birkenhead, a court revealed recently.

Fortunately for them, their plight did not go unnoticed when they were spotted trying to repair a leaky roof, 16 metres high above the ground. They were working without any appropriate safety measures to prevent them falling from such a height.

In this particular situation, a concerned member of the public was quick to draw attention to their situation. If it was not for people like this, then there would probably be far more injuries in our work places because many workers fail to stand up and protest if there is an apparent risk. These men were wearing hard hats and high visibility clothing, but neither of these would have been much good if a fall had taken place.

Our team of solicitors at Lamb & Co has spent thousands of hours collecting evidence and negotiating claims for victims of workplace accidents over the years. Some of the injuries we have dealt with have been horrific and life changing for the victims. They often mean financing a long period off work, which puts pressure on family members and results in unpaid bills becoming a reality.

They may require lengthy stays in hospital and a considerable time recovering at home. If these workers received no compensation for injuries that were due to deficient safety standards, they could suffer financial hardship which might last the rest of their lives.

There is no government organisation that has the financial obligation to support victims of such injuries up to the value of the money they have lost through no fault of their own. The only chance they have of holding their head high financially, in these situations, is to file a claim for compensation for the injuries they have received against their employer.

The employer, if found responsible, should not be resentful if the case is awarded in favour of for one of their employees and are asked to pay compensation. It is the legal right of any employee to file a claim for compensation for any workplace injuries that were not their fault.

If there was no legislation to protect workers when it comes to claiming compensation then there will always be that temptation for businesses to cut corners as a means of reducing costs. If any company is found compromising the safety of their employees then sooner or later they will have to answer for their actions through a court appearance. It does not matter if an injury has taken place or not. The latest data from the Health and Safety Executive indicates that almost 40 people died as a result of an accidental fall in British workplaces in 2010/11, while more than 4,000 suffered a major injury.

These injuries are our concern at Lamb & Co. When we deal with a workplace accident case, we try to come to a reasonable settlement that helps to take the pressure off the victim. Our “no win no fee” arrangement means that no fees will be paid to us if we lose the case. If the case is won in our client’s favour, the victim will receive the full amount due, while our fees are paid by the losing party.