Farms are responsible for the highest injury rate in the UK

October 27, 2012

Farms look quite attractive as one passes by, but in fact they are a working environment that is amongst the most dangerous in Britain.

In the year spanning 2010/11, there were 35 fatalities while daily work was conducted on a farm and this number is the greatest for all British industries, according to a report published recently by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

Injuries that did not result in death are also the highest for any other UK industry.

Due to the high number of injuries in this industry, many workers are resorting to personal injury solicitors for claims for compensation for farming accidents.

Currently, farm employees are one of the poorest paid groups of workers in Britain, so taking time off work to recover from an injury is a daunting prospect for many.

It is only through using the services of a ‘No Win No Fee solicitors’ firm that an agricultural worker can obtain any form of compensation for an injury. The types of injuries suffered by farm workers can be very serious as animals behave unpredictably and farming machinery is often difficult to operate and can be dangerous.

Employees sustain injuries to the back, in particular, and cancer is common due to exposure to farm chemicals that are toxic.

Currently, many farms are confronted by financial hardships and often employees fail to adhere to safety guidelines, which leads to many accidents.

When time has to be taken off work, many employees worry about their ongoing relationship with their employer if they go back to work, but such employees must consider their employment prospects in the long term if their injury is life changing.

Many injuries result in financial hardship, particularly if the farm fails to offer any sick pay in addition to State allowances so if the employee needs to retire early as a result of an injury, the future of their family financially and may be greatly affected.

A large number of people who work on farms and in the agricultural sector is often seasonal or on fixed temporary contracts, but their safety should still be guaranteed.