Paralysed girl awarded £23m in road traffic accident

December 11, 2012

Agnes Collier (17) was so severely injured after an accident which occurred in 2009, that she is unable to use her legs and her arms have minimal use. She will receive £23 million – a record for a compensation payment.

Agnes, who attends Cheltenham Ladies College, was injured in Gloucestershire on a stretch of the A436.

Agnes’ mother, a teacher, was fatally injured in the same accident, while her older brother Rufus, was inflicted with a severe head injury, but has now recovered.

Agnes’s father, who is an investment banker named Dominic Collier, along with Jannene, her stepmother, attended London’s High Court where the damages award was approved. The driver who was at fault was Anthony Norton and the accident was caused when he drove from a side road into the main road and Ms Hood was struck by an approaching lorry.

Norton, who comes from Andoversford in Gloucestershire, admitted that he was guilty and had driven without proper care and attention which resulted in the fatality. He was sentenced to 6 months in prison, which was suspended for 12 months, and also prohibited from being behind a vehicle for one and half years and instructed to do community work for 300 hours without payment.

Agnes has returned to school despite her disabilities but as she gets tired easily and has to use a scribe, it is unlikely she will do well enough to secure a university place that was her preferred choice. The QC for the insurance company said that the whole incident was a tragedy for all concerned, a fatality and serious injuries that were the worst that anyone would ever want to be inflicted with. He also said that the family would have had an incredibly difficult time coping with Agnes and the horrific injuries when they were first inflicted.

The compensation payment, worth £23 million, would be spread over the rest of Agnes’s life. The lump sum would be £7.25 million, along with yearly amounts of £270,000. This amount is considered to be the greatest personal injury payment ever made.