Personal injury sector working as intended for once

April 25, 2013

Personal injury news roundup for week ending 25 Apr 2013:

The personal injury claims industry has plenty of critics and detractors, but there are plenty of times that the legal system works just as it’s supposed to.

This is exactly what has happened over the past week, as the news has been filled with excellent examples of how those in need of personal injury compensation have been awarded damages and how those looking to pull a fast one on the legal industry have been caught red-handed. In regards to the former instance, one man that had been injured in a particularly gruesome head-on road traffic accident a handful of years ago has recently been awarded damages for the massive injuries he suffered in the incident.

Adam Wright, 35 years old today, had been in the wrong place at the wrong time when his vehicle was struck by a transit van that lost control, causing a large accident that left the man in a two-week long coma. Mr Wright suffered a wide range of injuries, but between serious crush injuries to his legs and severe injuries to his head he was left unable to return to work in the wake of the incident.

Finally, after years of litigation, Mr Wright has been awarded with a compensation award understood to be in the millions of pounds. The injured man absolutely needs it, considering how he has vision, memory, and mobility impairments stemming from his injuries, and now he can both ensure that he gets the medical care he needs but also provide for his two young children as well.

Yes, this is all well and good you might say, but what about people who don’t deserve compensation awards such as fraudsters and scammers – don’t they get away with murder all the time? Well, not this week; news broke that a gang of particularly inept would-be insurance fraudsters were caught with their hands in the cookie jar after their scam was exposed.

Called ‘ham-fisted’ by investigators, the scam, hatched by five co-conspirators, unraveled after it was discovered that the car accident that was being claimed – a rear-end prang between a couple that claimed to not know one another, yet actually lived together and had a child – was completely false.

Perhaps it’s just me but it seems like you need to be particularly stupid to try to organise a bit of personal injury fraud with the mother of your child. The harder it is to trace back to you, the better – but apparently this pair just didn’t get the memo, now did they?