Male grooming injuries rise in salons and spas across the UK

May 10, 2013

When guys get injured, you automatically associate the injury with football, rugby or testing to see if the hot-plate on the iron’s warmed up before endeavouring to de-wrinkle their best shirt. Oh yes.

What you perhaps don’t expect to see on the triage board is your ‘man’ getting burnt through UV sunbed use or, even more worryingly, a spray-on sun tan treatment.

However, they do. And not only do they suffer the same sort of personal injury that their female counterparts do, but they are afflicted a lot more frequently with beauty treatments common to both sexes, in comparison.

In the table below, we show the top 5 personal injuries suffered by men and women following a disastrous visit to the hairdressing salon or beauty parlour for a bit of pampering.

Unsurprisingly, nail extensions don’t make the list for the guys. Conversely, leg waxing does.

For the fairer sex, they tend not to go overboard with the fake tan; instead, 15% of women suffer personal injury as a result of a facial that didn’t exactly go to plan.

Men v Women – Top 5 Beauty therapy injuries
Injury Type Men (%) Women (%) overall (%)
Haircut 13 28 20
Wax 10 19* 14
Sunbed 20 n/a 13
Eyebrow 12 13 12
Fake tan 16 n/a n/a
Facial n/a 15 10
Nails n/a 12 n/a

The results come as little surprise for First4lawyers. Their spokesperson, Chris Rodgers, acknowledged that the male grooming market has risen beyond expectations in recent times.

Personal injury solicitors are having to fight cases for accidents that have been historically exclusive to women, yet are now finding their way into the male world.

Reading between the lines of Chris Rodgers’ descriptions of the types of injuries suffered, male bravado may be one of the underlying causes for such a difference in the percentage of injuries from beauty products where both sexes record similar treatments in their top 5.

Most beauticians and dermatologists insist on performing a test on a small, discreet part of the skin before the full treatment is undertaken.

One can only imagine how many men walk into the beauty parlour, possibly with a little Dutch courage inside them, and demand from the consultants that they ‘just get on with it’ rather than await results of a sample test.

However, being blase is not exclusively blamed for the overall underlying trend for types of personal injury recorded in the beauty industry.

True, fake tan does contain chemicals or active ingredients that can bring on an allergic reaction. If you’ve ever seen a Henna tattoo flair up, you’ll know what I mean.

Goggles either not being worn or placed over the eyes in the wrong position were associated with UV tanning injuries. Hot wax causing an initial burn and/or complications with ingrowing hair afterwards is also a problem for both sexes.

There were even some personal injuries relating to the conditions of the treatment rooms and the beds therein themselves. And obviously, scissors were apportioned with blame for nicks to neck and ears.

The advice, in all cases, is to book your appointments with renowned hairdressers and salons. And, prior to full treatment, should the therapist suggest a sample then go with the flow.

It’s unclear how many victims suffered simply due to bad haircut. When next you’re in the salon, guys and gals, be sure to Mullet over before making rash treatment decisions.