Legacy of working with asbestos clings to the Midlands

June 17, 2013

Frederick Penn worked for the Worcester Engineering Company for almost thirty years. That’s a term of service you’d expect some sort of recognition or reward for, by anyone’s standards.

For Fred Penn, his long-term parting gift, anything but a reward, was to be diagnosed with an incurable form of lung cancer, mesothelioma.

Platitudes from the company’s MD and the offer of continued support from Bosch Thermotechnology, Bosch having taken over Fred’s former employer in 1992, are welcome, but can do nothing to turn back the clock for the 73 year old.

During the ’70s, Fred was involved in the assembly of the boilers produced by Worcester Engineering Co. All told, he recalls spending five years handling sheets of asbestos that ultimately would form the backing for these boilers.

No regulations in place for handling hazardous material back then

Fred recounted that he’d neither been given protective equipment to wear nor been warned of the dangers that handling asbestos could have exposed him to.

His undisclosed personal injury compensation was said to be ‘substantial’ and comes almost a decade after Fred retired in 2004.

For Fred, winning his personal injury claim wasn’t about getting back at the company for whom he’d worked for almost thirty years.

Rather, he was thinking of providing for his wife’s future to ensure the financial security he’d worked for all of his life.

It’s imperative you begin your personal injury claim asap

It was Thompsons Solicitors that handled Mr Penn’s personal injury compensation claim and upon winning, their representative in this case, Dave Fisher, added a very poignant note.

Mr Penn was diagnosed with mesothelioma in May last year. Many cases of this nature are fought for posthumously, but not in this case.

By winning his compensation claim whilst still alive, Mr Penn cannot only take some comfort from the recompense, but can make suitable arrangements for when this vicious disease finally wins out.

Mr Fisher also reflected on the fact that there have been too many sufferers from industrial disease such as this and other lung cancers that may have been preventable had the dangers been known and adequate safety procedures been created and adhered to.

Midlands industrial history a catalogue of work-related diseases

Whilst a Bosch’ spokesperson confirmed that she was unaware of any cases similar from the Worcester site, the industrial workhouse of the Midlands has seen many manifestations of industrial diseases as a result of unprotected hard labour.

Fred has won his compensation whilst he still has time to make plans for his loved ones after the inevitable happens. For too many in the Black Country and surrounding counties, that’s not always the case.

If you’re unfortunate enough to contract an industrial disease, don’t delay. Our personal injury solicitors are here to fight your corner allowing you to spend your time more proactively with those you love.

It’s a small service, true, but it’s one less thing for you to concern yourself about in your campaign to claim what’s rightfully yours.