We’re not out to sue the world – injury lawyers

July 19, 2013

It’s interesting to see the very public battle for sympathy that’s unfolding as something of a three-ring circus in the media.

The Jackson Reforms have had a huge impact on personal injury solicitors. Initially. the capping of fees chargeable for small claims has taken its toll with large and micro-solicitors firm across the UK.

Secondly, from the public’s perspective, laying the blame of rising car insurance not in the hands of bogus claimants but rather at the feet of solicitors for personal injury who fight (and usually win) their cases seems to be an attempt to blacken the profession’s name by HM Govt.

Personal Injury Solicitors fight back

In a current television advertorial campaign being broadcast at peak time, one of the largest national personal injury firms has a cast of four multi-ethnic, multi-gender lawyers swanning around the city in sharp suits (very PC) amidst a lorry-load of shed tennis balls forming a sea of neon yellow around their feet.

The claim in the advert that “we’re not out to sue the world” is a blatant attempt to get the public back on the side of personal injury lawyers after the Government has done such a sterling job of casting those in the profession as the bad guys.

Yesterday in The Mirror online, yet another large personal injury firm ran a full-page advertorial article, claiming that whiplash injury, the cause of seven out of ten personal injury claims stemming from road traffic accidents, is now “a thorn in the side of insurance companies”.

That argument is lent credence by the amount of smaller personal injury solicitors’ firms being bought by insurance companies after the former can no longer continue to offer no-win, no-fee cases as a result of the fee-capping we see prevalent now in our judicial system.

Don’t forget the genuine whiplash claimants!

After all’s said and done, and as the digital advertorial reminds us, we mustn’t forget the genuine whiplash injury claimants.

Not all of the 570,000 reported in 2011-2012 were bogus, that’s for sure.

However, is it right to call the Jackson reforms and Government’s subsequent actions quite the ‘convenient smokescreen’ the lawyers make out?

Whiplash is a painful effect of being shunted in the back by another driving too close. The pain is otherworldly, there’s a genuine need for day-to-day assistance, time off work is imperative and then further time has to be set aside for physio if the injury is sustained over a long period of time.

But there are people gaming the system. It’s that element of the public, the ‘ambulance chasers’, who are to blame for this public bad-mouthing and ill-feeling.

If half as much of the revenue was ploughed into identifying genuine whiplash injury that’s been used to fund the reforms and run the national adverts, we’d be a lot closer to resolving the root cause of this propaganda battle than we are today.

What is clear is that the Government isn’t going to have it all of their own way. And neither should they.

If you’ve been deterred from claiming for your whiplash injury by media slogans like ‘compensation culture’, ‘spurious whiplash claims’ and ‘ambulance chasers’, we’d love to hear from you.

Moreover, if you want to show the Government your claim is valid, give us a call today (it’s free, at the top of this page) and we can tell you whether you’ve got a genuine claim, or not.