Legal Sector suffers due to poor Complaints Handling

February 4, 2014

Research published by the Legal Ombudsman last week suggests that better complaints handling could make a huge difference to the profitability in legal firms. The sector could be boosted by millions of pounds according to this new research and we’re interested to see where exactly firms are going wrong.

The research was completed by Economic Insight on behalf of the ombudsman and shows that the legal sector could bring in benefits of anything between £53m and £80 over the next decade if complaints were dealt with a in a different more effective way. The research also showed that firms would increase their operating profit by 3% too.

The report states there is clear scope to improve the way complaints are handled and in fact a better process to meet client needs can lead to more recommendations and a better opinion of your firm. Yes, complaints do cause any company a degree of reputational and even commercial damage but as a whole better systems to deal with complaints can limit this to a point.

The ombudsman’s report shows that many firms in the industry underestimate the commercial incentives that proper complaints handling can offer and in fact, don’t recognise the importance of a proper process to the customer. Many see the process as nothing more than an added cost which is of course borderline neglectful of customer’s needs.

Chief ombudsman, Adam Sampson, discussed the research publicly and further the idea that many firms are only committed to their complaints procedures because the regulations state they must. Rather than looking into the benefits of a decent set of procedures which would look best for clients.

Sampson further asserted that the research wasn’t conclusive but it gave ‘some sound economic analysis’ of what lawyers can gain from taking their complaints personally and ensuring they’re handled in a proper and respectful manner. Sampson believes all firms should be addressing complaints seriously because they’re dedicated to their customers – not because the regulators tell them they should.

Lamb & Co: Dedicated to Customer Satisfaction

At Lamb & Co. we work transparently to ensure all our customers are satisfied with the progress of their case and the end result. Our testimonials are a great example of how our satisfied clients feel but equally we pay the same level of care and attention if a complaint is lodged.

The digital age has made complaining much easier and it also spreads much faster. Any company with a commitment to their customers as well as having hopes to expand and develop as a brand will ensure they’re keeping their digital profile clean. Ignoring customer complaints online or simply brushing them off can be a recipe for disaster.

At Lamb & Co. we consider all feedback from our clients, both negative and positive, with the same level of importance. Our dedication to your case means we will do all we can to learn from mistakes and ensure our clients are always put first. If this research is correct and the whole industry can benefit from changes to individual company procedures then we think all firms should be on board.