Mesothelioma Treatment Survey Launched and Looking for Participants

February 25, 2014

Mesothelioma is one of the most common industrial diseases which unfortunately claims many lives on a yearly basis. As an industrial disease the condition is one which personal injury solicitors like ourselves deal with regularly and those living with the condition are often forced to live a completely different life to that they would have hoped for.

The National Institute of Health Research and the James Lind Alliance, an initiative which looks at uncertainties in treatment, have come together to try and identify unanswered questions about mesothelioma. The hope is their work will both benefit people living with the disease as well as the clinicians hoping to treat and cure it. The results of the survey will be posted later in the year in the form of a top ten priorities for future clinical research.

The survey is open to all patients, carers and clinicians involved with the condition and there is hope it will guide research towards better treatment in the future.

Improving Diagnosis, Treatment and Care

The aim of the survey is to ensure any unanswered questions about the industrial disease are answered. They are asking participants to consider their own experience of mesothelioma, whether as a sufferer, carer or clinician and then give their experience in terms of what they don’t know and wish they did. There is hope this survey will then result in further clinical research which will find new ways of diagnosing and treating the condition.

Once all the answers have been collated they will be checked against existing research to see if answers already exist and where not they will be categorised on a prioritisation basis, involving input once again from patients, carers and medical professionals. The process will end with the aforementioned top ten list which will then be used to influence further clinic research opportunities.

Spotlight on Mesothelioma

Mesothelioma is a very rare and sadly often fatal form of cancer which has very low survival rate. The main cause of the condition is breathing in asbestos dust, which is why it is often the case of  workplace or industrial disease compensation. Mesothelioma often doesn’t make itself known until decades after inhalation of asbestos chemicals and treatment can therefore be difficult. The Health and Safety Executive’s latest statistics suggest 2,291 people died due to the condition in 2011.

Lamb & Co. Industrial Disease Compensation

Lamb & Co. has worked in the field of industrial disease and mesothelioma compensation since our launch and have an implicit and experienced understanding of the debilitating and devastating consequences that can arise. Our dedication is to each of our individual clients and their specific mesothelioma compensation case. We fight the corner of each of our clients all the way to ensure they earn the compensation they deserve.