The Most Common Injuries after an RTA

February 27, 2014

Road traffic accident claims consistently make up the biggest portion of personal injury claims across the UK. Road traffic accidents can have a devastating effect on your mental and physical health as well as causing any number of injuries. The number of fatal road traffic accidents in the UK is dropping year on year but there are still thousands of accidents every year.

Below we’re looking at some of the main injuries which commonly occur as a result of a road traffic accident.

Brain and Head Injuries

Brain and head injuries vary in severity. One of the most common injuries suffered by drivers and passengers is the closed head injury which ranges from mild, but still painful, concussion to traumatic brain injury. Open head injuries include lacerations and cuts to the exterior which can be painful, need stitches and leave scarring.

Neck Injuries

Whiplash, the injury most associated with road traffic accidents, comes under the neck category but other more serious neck injuries include things such as a disc injury or cervical radiculopathy. Muscle strain is another injury which is considered almost as common as whiplash.

Facial Injuries

Injuries to the face occur in almost every road traffic accident. The soft, exposed nature of the face’s flesh makes it an easy target from anything that shatters or splits resulting in cuts and lacerations. Beyond as your body is thrown forward in an accident it’s likely your face with come into contact with at least one from the steering wheel, dashboard and side window. This can all result in nasty bruising or even fractures to the cheekbone or serious dental injuries.

Back Injuries

The shunting movement involved in most car accidents means your back is often compromised. The torque created by a road traffic accident can result in any number of injuries from a sprain to a fracture to a serious spine injury. Thoracic and lumbar spine injuries can be extremely painful and difficult to live with and has been shown with some neck injuries the full scale of a back injury can take some time to show up after an accident.

Psychological Injuries

Any road traffic accident can result in psychological damage. This is often worsened in those instances where the accident has severe consequences such as loss of life or serious injury. Many passengers and drivers involved in road traffic accidents suffer short term psychological injury whilst others are left with long term emotional distress or stress. More severe conditions such as post-traumatic stress disorder too can be diagnosed post road traffic accident.

Road Traffic Accident Compensation

Lamb & Co. works with clients who have injuries of every shape and size. We appreciate that each case is unique and every individual is unique and therefore what may mean time off work for one person may not be the same for another. We work to ensure our clients receive the maximum amount of compensation they deserve.