Inadequate Training leads to Accidents at Work

March 13, 2014

Workplace training is an integral part of any company’s programme when inducting new employees and keeping them up to date with the latest developments in their industry. It is also essential to ensure they can operate their equipment efficiently, know the safety guidelines for any work activity and are protected in the workplace. Inadequate training can lead to accidents and injuries and therefore result in employees claiming compensation.

Duty of Care in the Workplace

Every employer has a duty of care to their employees and this extends to when workplace training is being carried out. Training should be provided that is fully risk assessed, fit for purpose and ensures workers are safe.

Many industries require employees to be trained in manual handling whilst others require specialist training for safe working at height or building site training. Without the right training companies are putting their employees at risk and leaving themselves wide open if an accident or injury were to occur.

Poor Training equals Workplace Accidents

The majority of companies offer perfectly adequate training to their employees or bring in outside agents who can do so. Unfortunately there are a number who don’t or just expect employees to get on with it.

Without training, even if an employee claims to ‘know what they are doing’ they are working unsafely and this is the responsibility of the employer. Accidents in the workplace have the potential to be very serious if not fatal – 2012/13 saw 148 people killed at work.

Injuries during Workplace Training

It is even possible for injuries to take place during workplace training but as above the employer has a duty of care to their employees and this is still something that shouldn’t happen.

If workers are injured during training due to lack of care then there is no reason why compensation cannot be sought. With the support of a professional legal team, compensation for accidents at work, even during training, can be won.

Accidents at Work Compensation

At Lamb & Co. we have worked on behalf of many individuals who have suffered an injury due to an accident at work. Our highly skilled workplace negligence solicitors are highly experienced in a range of different types of accidents and how they occur. We work tirelessly for you to ensure you achieve the maximum compensation possible for your type of claim and there are further benefits to claiming compensation due to inadequate training.

If you have a successful claim then it is likely your employer or perhaps former employer will take the time to review their training policies. This can mean further incidences of what happened to you are completely avoided. Your claim could mean that wrongs are put right for the good of all employees which can only be a positive thing!

Contact Lamb & Co. today if you want to discuss an injury or illness that occurred due to inadequate training at work – you don’t have to put up with it!