Compensation Claims drop 50% in a Decade

April 23, 2014

A new report published last week refutes media claims that compensation culture is rife across the UK. The report which collated research from both the TUC and the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL) showed that workplace compensation cases have fallen by over 50% in the last ten years.

The more popular mainstream media sources are often highlighting how the UK is completely bursting with people claiming compensation. This is proven not to be true and the report, entitled The Compensation Myth, uses statistical evidence to counteract the misconception that compensation is claimed easily and handed out to anyone who asks.

As professional personal injury lawyers this report gives us hope that others may soon realise that our industry is reputable and we work to ensure hardworking people get the compensation they deserve. The statistics showed that just 91,115 compensation claims were made in 2012/13 which compares to 183,342 in 2002/03.

Interestingly the number of claims doesn’t come anywhere near the number of people who are actually absent from work due to illnesses their jobs can be blamed for.

The most common workplace injuries include back problems and repetitive strain injury. Every year it’s reported 500,000 people are made ill because of their jobs with around 110,000 more injured whilst working. Despite this totalling over 600,000 only 90,000 workers were able to claim compensation.

Another common assumption is that all workplace claimants end up receiving multimillion pound deals. This could not be further from the truth as a closer look at claims in 2011 found that the majority of the compensation paid out was for less than £5,000. Around 75% of cases saw damages of less than £10,000 so these huge pay outs, though they do occur, aren’t the norm

It has become even harder for injured and ill employees to access compensation. Costs are increasing and the media portrayal of compensation claimants is also putting people off. Both APIL and the TUC have come together to show how important it is for employees to have access to compensation when their lives are affected by the negligence of their employer. They also highlight the importance of employers taking steps to stamp out negligence and the right support for employees who do find themselves out of work due to work-related illness or injury.

Accidents at Work Compensation

If you are injured at work as a result of an employer’s negligence then you should seek legal advice. The stigma attached is unfounded and no one should lose out financially or suffer unduly because of an accident or illness which could have been prevented.

At Lamb & Co. we are personal injury experts who regularly work with people who have suffered accidents at work. We are dedicated to fighting every case we accept with the same level of commitment and work to deliver the maximum compensation possible for each claim.