Millions of Potholes pose real Road Traffic Accident Threat

April 10, 2014

The Annual Local Authority Road Maintenance Survey, released last month, revealed that over two million potholes were filled across England and Wales last year and this figure hadn’t changed greatly from previous years. Potholes pose a real danger to road users, especially cyclists on rural lanes and roads which aren’t particularly well lit.

Potholes are the responsibility of the local authority in most instances and many local authorities are hit with huge compensation claims bills every year. More than 1000 people were injured by potholes in London in the last year and this figure is costing councils thousands of pounds. The total national bill for compensation, both for vehicle repairs and injuries, exceeded £15m in the last year.

The April Budget saw Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne committing a further £200 million to ensure potholes are mended and so perhaps there are changes ahead.

Dangerous Road Surfaces equal more Accident Claims

Cyclists are most at risk from uneven and dangerous road surfaces, with even deaths reported. Potholes can result in cyclists being thrown from their bicycles at speed, with no protection from oncoming traffic and particularly damaged road can even cause motor vehicles to swerve and become at risk.

 The injuries that occur after any road traffic accident can be grave but even where only minor injuries are sustained there are many consequences. Damage to your vehicle needs to be assessed and of course some injuries don’t become apparent immediately so a visit to the GP is essential. Chances are you may sustain some loss of earnings due to the accident and all this does build up and make a traumatic experience additionally stressful.

Potholes can be caused by infrequent road maintenance but are also affected by sudden changes in weather. With recent flooding the roads have taken a bashing but it’s down to the local authorities, the Highway Agency and the government to provide the funds to ensure they’re safe to drive on. A pothole may look like nothing more than a bit of a nuisance but they can cause serious road traffic accidents.

Even though hundreds of potholes are being repaired daily, experts suggest it may take more than a decade to deal with the huge number covering our roads, especially as so many have been left without any attention for many years.

Road Traffic Accident Compensation from Lamb & Co.

At Lamb & Co. we work on a daily basis with people who have suffered in road traffic accidents that weren’t their fault. Our core focus is to fight for each of our individual clients to ensure they receive the maximum compensation they deserve. We understand just how traumatic any kind of road traffic accident can be and want to help you get the compensation you deserve.

If a pothole or significantly obvious defect in the surface of the road contributes towards your accident then the Highways Agency or local council may be found liable, dependent on who is responsible for that given section of the road.