Motorists want Longer Sentences for Driving Fatalities

April 1, 2014

The road safety charity Brake have released further stats from another poll asking general motorists their thoughts on sentencing for fatal road traffic accidents on our roads. Their latest campaign runs alongside the efforts of bereaved families as they’re all looking for justice and stamping out dangerous driving.

The report released on 21st March showed an interesting picture of how general motorists are feeling:

  • 82% of people surveyed believe sentences should be increased for drivers who kill
  • 81%of people surveyed believe that if you kill or cause a serious injury to somebody when taking an illegal risk at the wheel then your actions should be considered dangerous rather than careless from a legal perspective
  • 85% of people surveyed believe that drivers who kill when drink or drug driving should receive a prison sentence of more than five years and 66% believed that of speeding drivers and 64% of those using their mobile phones
  • 95% of people surveyed agreed sentences should be tougher for drivers who kill and flee the scene

The government’s most recent statistics show than only 62% of people convicted of killing someone through risky driving are jailed and only 9% receive a sentence of five years or more. Brake is dedicated to their campaign to change this and ensure drivers who cause death or serious injury and therefore considerable pain and suffering to the victim’s loved ones are brought to justice.

Brake is asking members of the public to write to their MP to support their Crackdown Campaign and at Lamb & Co. we are all too aware of the dangers on the road and how serious a road traffic accident can be.

Road Traffic Accident Claims

Even where injuries aren’t life threatening or serious the trauma of a road traffic accident can be long lasting as can the physical symptoms of an injury. Involvement in a road traffic accident that isn’t your fault can be a confusing and highly emotional incident. Knowing what to do next can be difficult and where there genuinely is no fault on your part you deserve compensation.

Road traffic accident compensation remains the leading personal injury claims sector due to the number of reckless drivers on the roads as well as people simply ‘not looking’. If you have had the trauma of dealing with a road traffic accident that isn’t your fault then you should certainly look into compensation as well as ensuring all police reports are filed, especially where recklessness is concerned.

It is completely understandable why Brake are looking for longer sentences for killer drivers and with the support of many bereaved families on their side we’re hopeful the government will listen.

At Lamb & Co. we hear traumatic road traffic accident stories every day and each one is a personal case of an individual. We recognise the need to treat each individual case in its own way and respect the client in question and the trauma they have been through.

We’re happy to discuss all road traffic accident claims and are happy to listen to your story, when you’re ready. We fight hard for all our clients and work to ensure they get the maximum compensation they deserve.