The Lowdown on CICA

May 29, 2014

Safety in the modern world isn’t something anyone can be sure of and unfortunately there are many criminals across the UK and the world who are lying in wait. Whether you’re purposefully assaulted or an accident occurs in the wake of criminal activity you may be able to claim compensation. No one should have to suffer at the hands of a criminal in any instance whether you’re knocked off your bike by a speeding burglar or intentionally assaulted.

Violent crime more than any other can have life changing effects on your health, both physically and mentally. Compensation exists to try and alleviate some of these effects, the pain incurred and make up for any loss of earnings which may come as a consequence of an injury. It’s there to provide peace of mind.

If you have been the victim of violent crime than CICA is the body you need to work with.

Who or What is CICA?

CICA stands for the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority and is a government organisation put in place to help the victims of violent crime. They offer awards in the form of financial payments which can be anything from £1,000 to £500,000. The scheme has been in place since November 2012 and the process they offer is free.

You can use a solicitor to help with your claim if you need to but these costs are not part of the fees covered by CICA.

Do I need a solicitor when working with CICA?

In most violent crime instances it’s very clear cut. Most criminal injury claims are straightforward but without a solicitor you may not get the amount of compensation you deserve. The higher amounts are only paid out for very serious injuries but you may be due more than you’re able to claim on your own without expert support.

A solicitor with experience in personal and criminal injury claims who understands the process can ensure your experience is as positive as it can be and is completed efficiently. From the application stage until the completion of the case your solicitor can help you ensure that your claim is covered as widely and in depth as possible.

Victims of violent crime often need a range of specialist medical support from psychiatry to physiotherapy and accessing this can be difficult without the right referrals or even the right amount of cash. Accessing the awards available through CICA can change this.