What to do if you have an Accident in a Public Place

May 30, 2014

An accident in a public place can be embarrassing and undignified as well as painful. Even if you are injured many people are too embarrassed to do anything at all, even when the injuries are severe. Many accidents in a public place result in time off from work and even psychological damage and where the accident was not your fault there is scope for compensation. The financial strain as well as the physical pain of an accident shouldn’t simply be accepted, where negligence was the fault of the local council or perhaps a private company you can claim.

Public places are the responsibility of somebody and their maintenance is the responsibility of this person or body. Neglect of the upkeep or ignoring recurring issues is often the cause of injuries and this certainly isn’t the fault of the injured party. The maintenance body could be liable for your compensation. Below are the steps to take immediately after your accident and beyond.


Seek Medical Attention

However minor you feel your accident is you should contact your doctor or visit your local hospital. Treatment is always more effective is administered quickly and of course the record of your injuries can also be extremely valuable for your later compensation case.


If other people were present when you had your accident then ask if they’ll share their contact details. Third party witnesses are particularly valuable as they have no reason to support your case and therefore their accounts can be used more genuinely in a compensation case. Adding weight to your case through witness experiences if really valuable.


If you slipped or tripped due to a problem with the maintenance or an area or even fell because of trailing wires or cables then snap it. Even a camera phone picture will do as it shows exactly why your accident occurred and is evidence of the maintenance neglect. As much evidence as possible will support your case.

Report the Accident

Reporting your accident to the relevant person also adds weight to the case and shows you’ve followed the correct procedure. This could mean visiting the local council offices or finding the manager or health and safety department of a company. Your accident being noted down in their accident report book acts as written evidence of your accident. A written record is valuable when you are making your claim as it is further proof of the location and time of the accident. It may also give the company the push they need to fix the problem to avoid further incidents.

Get in Touch

The last stage of your process is to get in touch with a personal injury solicitors like Lamb and Co. who have significant experience in dealing with accidents in public places. Our professional team are on hand to help ensure your claim is processed efficiently.

photo credit: AlfredSin via photopin cc