The Sun comes out and Accident Levels rise

June 6, 2014

When the sun finally shines in the UK our spirits are all lifted. The chance to get outside and soak up the rays is rare and therefore thousands of Brits rush to enjoy it. Sadly along with the benefits of summer, it is also the time when most accidents occur.

The good weather means more people are out and about and naturally the incidence of accidents is higher but it’s also the time in which more people are likely to get stuck into different types of activity. Accidents seem to slip to the back of our minds when the sun comes out.

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Road Traffic Accidents

It’s a common misconception that most accidents occur in winter. Icy conditions and the threat of snow are deemed factors for more accidents but it simply isn’t true. The influx of people getting out and about, on holidays and rushing on the roads increases the risk and the number of accidents in the summer.

At Lamb & Co we handle a wide range of road traffic accidents where our clients have simply been driving safely and the negligent party has been in a rush, not concentrating or simply ‘didn’t see them’. Once the winter weather fades some drivers get complacent and forget the basics of road safety too.

Cycling Accidents

Once again the volume of cyclists on the road increases in the summer months. This combined with increased number of cars creates an environment in which cycling accidents occur more often. Cyclists need to remember the Highway Code and avoid cycling on the inside of vehicles, especially heavy goods and long vehicles.

We’ve discussed the helmet question before but it’s always advisable to wear one to add an extra degree of safety. Being knocked off and injured on a bicycle can be very serious and often where the cyclist is not at fault, compensation can be claimed.

Slips and Trips

The Accident and Emergency departments of the UK are packed out in the summer with people who have slipped and tripped in all manner of ways. With hours spent at the poolside or perhaps decking outside a restaurant or bar, likely to get very slippy. In many instances public and private sector bodies should maintaining these places and ensuring they’re safe, limiting the risk of slipping. These bodies can be responsible held if any of their patrons slip due to lack of maintenance and negligence. With this in mind, contacting a personal injury specialist in these instances could result in a successful compensation claim.

Getting out there and enjoying the summer sun is great but sadly the higher risk of accident and injury shows that some people simply pay no heed to their neighbours and community. If you have been in an accident that you believe someone else was to blame for please get in touch to talk it through with one of our team.