MPs Accept Major Changes Needed For Cyclist Safety

July 22, 2014

The Transport Select Committee has asserted that the amount of money spent on cycling infrastructure needs to increase five times to have an impact on both actual and perceived cyclist safety. The Committee’s research suggests investment needs to rise from approximately £2 per person to £10 per person in the next six years.

In addition to the financial change they have called for a ‘culture change’ to improve relations between vehicle drivers and cyclists on the road. An inquiry which was designed to look into how roads could be made safer for those on bicycles found that cyclists complained mostly of:

  • Aggressive driving
  • Improperly designed junctions
  • Failure to enforce speed limits

Cycle Lane


Safer Roads for Cyclists

We have discussed the road safety situation for cyclists several times and the latest statistics show that 109 cyclists were killed last year in England, Scotland and Wales with a further 3000 serious industries.

This latest Committee also found that despite the Prime Minister’s call for a ‘cycling revolution’ after the successful Olympic Games, there was little evidence to suggest that cyclists were being supported as road users. The plans to ensure £10 per head is spent on the cycling infrastructure will take us up to 2020.

The Committee also discussed and recommended the possibility of the DVLA changing their testing to ensure motorists are examined on their approach to sharing the roads with cyclists. Heavy goods vehicle companies and industries where they’re regularly used have too been called upon to find ways of improving their safety record.

The recommendations of the Committee have been viewed positively by the national cycling charity CTC but they are also pushing for a quicker uptake of the proposed capital injection. There is hope that investment in cycling safety, in all areas from schoolchildren’s cycling proficiency to the largest haulage companies, will make the roads safer for all users.

Cycling Road Accidents

Both the Cabinet and Shadow Cabinet are behind the changes to cycling infrastructure and creating a culture which makes cyclists welcome on the road. The number of deaths and serious accidents on the road for cyclists shouldn’t be overlooked and in many of the serious injury cases the individuals involved will be unable to continue their lives as before.

The BBC recently published a poll which confirmed the belief that UK roads are seen as dangerous with 52% of all respondents agreeing with the statement that it was ‘too dangerous to cycle on the roads in my local area’. This question was answered among a range of others which painted a grim picture of Britain’s roads, one which these new recommendations are hoping to improve.

Suffering an accident on the roads of any kind is traumatic and even more so if you’re not to blame and left worst off. Personal injury compensation exists to ensure you get something to help you deal with the aftermath of an accident and rebuild your life accordingly. Cycling personal injury compensation can be claimed in the same manner as that for other road traffic accidents.

Photo credit: much0 via photopin cc