Five Steps to Follow after a Slip, Trip or Fall

August 1, 2014

Slip, trip and fall accidents are amongst the most common dealt with by personal injury solicitors. They occur in any number of places for any number of reasons and a number of people can be found to be at fault.

Statistics from the HSE suggest slips and trips are some of the most common workplace accidents with falls also quite high up the charts. These types of accident also occur in non-work environments such as supermarkets, on high streets and even in school playgrounds, in many cases due to poorly maintained equipment or flooring. Slipping on wet surfaces where signage isn’t provided is also common.

To make an effective slip, trip or fall accident claim you need to be able to prove that the person or body responsible for the property where the injury took place were responsible for it. In the workplace, this person is usually your employer, which could be your direct employer or the larger company, depending on the type of business you work in.

In the immediate aftermath of an accident, keep the following steps in mind:

  1. Report it – if you’re at work, it should be put in the employee’s accident report book whilst in a public place, there should be a staff member who can put it in their accident report book. If it’s simply on the high street then contacting your local authority is the best option, it puts your accident down on paper.
  2. Make note of your accident in the accident book – as above, as well as letting someone know verbally, putting your accident down on paper is really important.
  3. Take the names and addresses of witnesses if there are any.
  4. Take photographs of the area where the accident happened, with smartphones this isn’t as difficult as it used to be. If you tripped on loose flooring make sure you get a shot or it or if the floor was wet without a sign, snap that too.
  5. Visit your GP – getting your injuries documented as soon as possible matters, your personal injury solicitor will send you for a medical assessment but this may take some time, so ensuring you have visited your doctor and have their report can really help with the processing of your case.

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Your Accident Claim

With the information gathered from the above five points you will be in a good position to contact a personal injury solicitor and have the advice they need to hand. There are a wide range of companies available to choose from and at Lamb & Co. we pride ourselves in being professional but also down to earth and friendly. We want our clients to understand what’s going on in a time which can be extremely traumatic and utilise our specialist experience to ensure maximum compensation is sought and won in every case we take on. We don’t bombard our clients with jargon, simply deliver the results they are looking for.

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