People Less Likely To Claim Compensation For Injuries Than Last Year

August 18, 2014

New research carried out by the market research company YouGov suggests the likelihood of people claiming after a personal injury has fallen. We cannot state clearly enough how, where you have the right to make a claim, you should do so as it gives you the chance to gain some compensation for your injury and the stress you have been through.

The new research, Personal Injury 2014 shows that in April 2014 25% of people who had suffered a personal injury said they made a claim which had fallen from 29% in July 2013. Some of the reasoning behind this change has been put down to the changes in the personal injury market after the Legal Aid Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Act was put in place. There are suggestions it is too soon to actually tell whether the legislation is responsible for the decline but it is certainly being discussed.

The report found many reasons that people chosen not to claim, with 9% stating that they didn’t think there case was strong enough to win, a sharp down turn from 19% in July 2013. 35% decided not to claim because they didn’t believe they were sufficiently ill or injured to warrant compensation and another 22% stated they did not believe in compensation generally. 5% of the non-claimants stated that they were worried about the costs of claiming and this was why they didn’t pursue a claim.

The report also looked at people’s responses to direct contact from claim companies, particularly unsolicited contact. In these cases 51% of claimants always intended to make a claim where 36% didn’t and interesting 13% of claimants who hadn’t originally planned to make a claim did so after receiving direct contact.

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Why you should make a personal injury claim after an accident

If you suffer an accident or injury that isn’t your fault it is likely to have a range of outcomes. The injury is likely to cause you some pain and distress and this can mean time off work or in some instances a period of time where you can’t drive or live your life at the same level as before. An injury can also need specialist treatment and medication which you have to pay for and when the accident wasn’t your fault in the first place it seems immoral that you should have to shell out for these costs.

Claiming for compensation doesn’t have to be a difficult process and choosing to hire a professional personal injury solicitor means they take care of the complex legal side of things and ensure you are kept up to date with any changes as the case progresses. At Lamb and Co we are committed to helping all our clients get the maximum compensation for their injuries and if you think you have a case, we want to hear from you and will advise if we can help.

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