Families Fear for Safety on UK Roads

October 9, 2014

A new survey carried out by Brake, the road safety charity and Churchill Insurance has found that two thirds of the driving public in the UK believe local roads are at least partly dangerous and unsafe for families walking and cycling.

Every year Brake hosts Beep Beep! Day and their new findings are further showing exactly how important this national event is. The event is designed to provide road safety advice and support for nurseries and preschools and their educators.

This new survey took answers from 1000 drivers and found 62% were worried about being hit by traffic when on foot in their local area and a further 16% had experienced a near miss with someone travelling by foot or by bike in the last 12 months.

As thousands of young people across the country are learning more about road safety on Beep Beep! Day as part of Road Safety Week Brake are also asking that drivers think about their speed, especially around nurseries and schools. They are highlighting that slowing down to 20mph in busy pedestrian areas could make a huge difference and even if it isn’t dictated by road signs, it should be adhered to.

Bike Safety

Traffic Danger for Families

The concerns that drivers have about road safety for familities is more than justified. Statistics suggest that traffic is the second bigger killer of children in the UK and the biggest non-medical killer. 48 children were killed and 1,932 were seriously injured on UK roads in 2013 and that equates to around 5 children a day.

Road Safety Week is a chance to really get to grips with all the rules and regulations of our roads and home in on those key issues such as the 20 mph speed limit around people-busy areas and respecting pedestrians and cyclists in the same way you would other road users.

Support Beep Beep! Day

Beep Beep! Day focuses on introducing road safety to children aged between 2 and 7. The sessions and campaign events run at nurseries, preschools and children’s centre and introduce the basics of road safety through games and activities, using advice and resources provided by Brake. Beep Beep! Days run throughout August at various locations and over 32,500 children are currently registered to take part in at least one of these events.

If our children are able to grasp the basics of road safety then adults should be able to do the same. Avoiding the risk of a road traffic accident or a collision with a cyclist or pedestrian should be a priority for all road users.

photo credit: carfreedays via photopin cc