England & Wales want to Follow Scotland on Drink Driving

November 14, 2014

Just weeks ago we discussed the changes to the law in Scotland when it comes to the drinking and driving limit. Since our post, the Institute of Advanced Motorists have carried out a survey which showed that drivers and England and Wales want the same.

Scotland will roll out their change from 80mg of alcohol per 100ml of blood to 50mg per 100ml blood at the beginning of December and this is something the rest of the UK, as far as drivers are concerned, want the same.

More than two thirds of those who completed the Institute of Advanced Motorists survey stated they would like the same drink drive limit in Scotland introduced across the UK. 68% in fact wanted this change and a total of 2,632 people took the survey over October 2014. There is hope the changes in Scotland will mean a decrease in the accidents, life-changing injuries and deaths across Scotland in the Christmas period and beyond.

Looking at the wider UK the survey found that 83% of all respondents confirmed that they drink alcohol and over 47% agreed that lowering the limit to the same as Scotland and the most of Europe would result in a reduction in the number of accidents taking place.

Alcohol on the Road

As our previous post showed, the risk of drinking and driving has been well documented for many years. The dangers are known yet people still take the risk. There is a sense that people know when they’re safe and when they’re not, but in reality, this is never the case. Even the smallest drink will impact upon your reaction times and your ability to stay safe on the roads.

Some of the UK and world’s leading road safety campaigns believe the alcohol to blood limit should be much lower, perhaps making it illegal to have any alcohol in your system before driving and this is something that may be considered in the future.

Drink Driving Risks

The Christmas period is when people seem to forget the dangers of drink driving and when visiting relatives and friendly one too many drinks is easily had. The punishment for drink driving varies but as a minimum you’ll be banned from driving for at least 12 months if you’re over the legal limit. Fines of up to £5,000 will also come your way and you will receive between 3 to 11 points on your license.

If you’re the victim of a drink driver then you are in the position to make a compensation claim. Contacting a professional personal injury solicitor will give you the chance to discuss your situation in depth and take the steps needed to make a claim.