More Asbestos Protection for Construction Staff Needed

November 20, 2014

Construction firms across the UK have been warned by the Health and Safety that they must do more to prevent workers from asbestos exposure and related dangers. This warning has come starkly and is a result of the Health and Safety month long inspection of building sites where they found that two out of five sites was not providing enough protection for staff.

This is just one of the statistics that have come out of the Health and Safety work and a lot of their findings have been disappointing. One of the most common problems was that companies were not providing the correct safety equipment and assessments for working at height but crucially, asbestos exposure also featured significantly on the list.

Their report was timed perfectly to link up with the No Time To Lose Campaign which we have talked about previously and shows there is a genuine need to raise awareness in the dangers of asbestos, even today, and the related occupational diseases which come about when the right safety measures aren’t in place.

Health in the Workplace

Health in the workplace is often overlooked, often due to the fact that it isn’t an immediately visible problem. The effects of uncontrolled levels of chemicals, notably asbestos but also others including silica can be irreversible and these chemicals are killing more and more people. It is the responsibility of the site manager and the company in charge to ensure exposure to these dangers are minimised at all times and this means the right training, the right equipment and the right PPE for all employees. Not investing in these is where problems begin and this is why the Health and safety have to keep on top of their site checks, it really can save lives.

Mesothelioma and Industrial Disease

Mesothelioma is one of the most well-known industrial and occupational diseases and it the number of people it claims is not on the decrease. This disease is almost always found in people living in buildings where asbestos is unmonitored or in workpeople who have spent a great deal of time working environments where the chemical is unmanaged and the risks are not assessed properly.

It’s a disease which is very rarely cured and claims the lives of almost every victim. Lamb & Co has unfortunately worked with people who have had the disease and had every right to claim compensation due to their losses because of it and the negligence on the part of their employer. The more companies who realise the importance of protecting their workforce the lower the number of people suffering terribly will be.

Construction companies and those in similar industries should feel obliged to protect their workforce from everything, even invisible threats.