Selfish Driving Costs Lives

November 21, 2014

As we come to the end of Road Safety Week, Brake, the road safety charity, has released many statistics and amongst these was the truth about how dangerous selfish driving actually is. On Monday, Brake launched their Look Out For Each Other campaign to combat the selfish attitudes on the road.

Road Safety Week

According to the latest statistics two fixed penalties for careless driving or speeding on UK roads are issued every minute. Although not all are down to the selfish nature of British drivers some of them are and further statistics show that 41% of British primary school children say they have hit or nearly hit by a vehicle whilst on foot or bike. This is a further indication that those on foot and bike across the UK need more protection and those on the roads need to be more mindful of their presence.

As part of the Look Out For Each Other campaign Brake have partnered with Specsavers and the RSA and they have found a shocking number of statistics relating to our road safety laws being flouted. In 2013 nearly one million fixed penalty notices were issued for the careless driving and speeding offences mentioned above, with the worst areas of the country found to be the East, East Midlands and London.

Patience on the road is key to remaining safe and it’s a lack of patience which can result in tragedy and negatively affect the opinions of a community. Further information from Brake’s survey of school children found that 67% believed the roads in their community can be dangerous for walking and cycling and whilst this may be due to parental protection and safety knowledge, it is also a sign of how cars and vehicles are perceived.

The whole point of Brake’s new campaign is to urge drivers to recognise the need to be cautious and protect people using the pavements and crossing the roads on foot and bicycle. The way they recommend we do this is to slow to 20mph in all community areas, taking longer to wait and look at junctions and slowing more when approaching them.

Supporting Brake in this campaign, alongside many others, is something we always strive to do as we see the dangers of selfish driving and risk taking every day. Many of our clients are victims of accidents on the road, including many pedestrians and cyclists, and we believe there truly is a need to look out for each other more and improve confidence in our road system.

Reducing the level of accidents on our roads is key to improving the confidence of pedestrians and cyclists and we hope Road Safety Week has gone some way to changing attitudes.