ACPO Launches Their Annual Drink and Drugs Crackdow

December 3, 2014

On 1st December the Association of Chief Police Officers launched their annual winter campaign against motorists both drink and drug driving. Driving under the influence of a huge range of substances is known to be dangerous and over the winter period the police constabularies around the UK step up their vigilance and keep dangerous drivers off our roads. There is also hope that the campaign will raise awareness too.

Details for the annual campaigns results from 2011-2013 are available online and last year the statistics show that 191,040 were breath tested with a shocking 6,550 failing the test. Though this figure seems shocking, it did in fact work out as a decrease in the failure rate, even with a huge increase in the number of tests carried out. ACPO described the change as a welcome development and there are hopes that 2014 will show an ever lower number of failed readings.

Enforcement activity will be carrying out in every area of the country, with different constabularies choosing their own focuses. Lancashire Constabulary, for example, are putting two crashed cars on display in Preston, cars which were involved in a fatal accidents where two under the influence young drivers were killed. West Midlands Police are highlighting the effectiveness and use of cannabis testing kits in custody, giving a clearer picture of what exactly drivers are under the influence of and how they should be processed and punished. Sussex Police too have released their plans, with focus again on drug-driving. They are releasing police footage of a motorist failing a field impairment test due to being under the influence of ketamine.

Drink Drive Poster

Drink Driving Video Campaign

The ACPO as a whole have put their endorsement to a video of Harrison King, a young drink driver who has worked with his local police force, Staffordshire, to make his story central to the local campaign.

It shouldn’t take being involved in a collision to show you the dangers of drinking and driving but for many this seems to be the case. As well as individual campaigns around the country, there will be national messages to remember. The dangers of drink driving have been discussed time and again and the risk of injury to yourself and others is too high to consider.

You can contact the local police with worries about someone else drink driving and as the ACPO it isn’t a case of drink-driving at your own risk, choosing to drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs risks more than just your own safety, but that of others too.