HSE Releases Regional Accident and Injury Figures

January 23, 2015

The Health and Safety data on workplace accidents and injuries in the last year has be broken down region by region and many local and regional newspapers are covering the statistics relevant to their region. Here we’re going to take a more generalised look at the accident and injury figures and see which parts of the country are seen reducing their accident rates in line with national averages.

As we’ve reported already, figures are down dramatically from the previous year and it’s a good sign that more is being done to protect employees in the workplace. The main categories the Health and Safety research covered were:

  • Ill Health
  • Non-Fatal Injury
  • Fatal Injury
  • Prosecutions

They also took a look at the cost of workplace injuries on the parties involved and found that injuries and new illnesses which could be attributed to working conditions resulted in a cost of around £14.2 billion to society. A figure which the Health and Safety are committed to bringing down through education and where necessary, prosecution and legal action.

Illness Statistics

The Health and Safety statistics for workplace illness showed that the East Midlands, South West, Yorkshire and the Humber and the North East all have average illness rates which are much higher than the average for the whole country. London and Scotland on the other hand have lower than average rates with the figures in general down on the previous year.

Injury Statistics

When it comes to non-fatal injuries it’s the East Midlands and the South West where higher rates are found and it’s again in London where rates are much lower. Figures have been falling steadily since 2001/2. The rest of the regions had figures generally in line with the average and causing no significant concern.

The fatal injury rates across Great Britain have fallen too with the areas ranking higher than average listed as Scotland and Yorkshire and the Humber. Wales too had a higher fatal injury rate than England in general but lower than three out of the nine regions across the country.

Avoiding Workplace Injuries

Workplace injuries are often due to negligence on the part of the employer and this can be anything from incorrect training to the wrong equipment being provided or just simple carelessness. Protecting your employees from risks is an essential part of the role of an employer and the dangers of not doing so are high.

As the section about cost above shows, the financial burden that comes from an injury or accident is extensive for the individual, the company involved and when they build up, for society, as well as the cost of providing the long term benefits to people who cannot go back to work.

Personal injury compensation exists to help these individuals who have suffered an accident and their employer, or in some cases another party, can be found liable. We work to ensure innocent victims who may be injured, in pain and living with a whole range of additional stresses and strains get the maximum compensation they deserve.