Ignorance of Vehicle Maintenance Causes Road Risk

January 28, 2015

A new survey carried out by Brake, the road safety charity in partnership with Direct Line has found that drivers are putting less and less focus on the importance of vehicle maintenance before they drive. More than this, many vehicles on the road are unsafe and in some cases, the drivers are more than aware of the fact. Badly maintained vehicles are more at risk of breakdown or being difficult to drive, making them a bigger hazard on the road and heightening the chance of accidents.

The number of people on the roads who are willing to take a dangerous risk due to the maintenance of their cars is a potential threat to all road users and Brake are calling for more people to check and prepare their vehicles properly to save lives and keep the roads safe.

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Vehicle Maintenance Saves Lives

Taking a closer look at the survey, it found that a huge 45% of all respondents admitted to having driven with at least one risky vehicle problem or known defect, with male and young drivers the most likely to have done this. They also found that over a quarter of respondents were not confident making essential checks to their vehicles including ensuring tyres are safe and legal, the brakes are working effectively and they also found that younger and women drivers were the least confident in this area.

Only a small amount of drivers admitted to carrying emergency provisions for winter including high-vis jackets, food and water and warm clothes, which can be particularly dangerous especially when considering the rapidly changing weather conditions and sudden snowfall in the last few years.

Brake’s research has found that vehicle defects contributed to as many as 2000 crashes in 2013, with 43 of those crashes fatal. This shows exactly how serious an issue vehicle maintenance is and how, in those early days when you’re studying for your driving test, you’re taught the basics for a reason.

Brake believe that all drivers should be responsible enough to perform regular vehicle maintenance checks, suggesting once a week should be standard with extra checks when long journeys are planned. It is also important to remember that the winter time is particularly dangerous and there are more risks of breakdowns and accidents due to the condition of the roads. Ensuring your car is safely

If the excuse for an accident is a maintenance issue you may find that your insurance company won’t be as helpful as you would have thought, especially if the accident is found to be your fault. Keeping your vehicle in good condition gives you peace of mind and reduces the chance that you’ll have an accident on the roads.

Photo credit: Rev. Xanatos Satanicos Bombasticos (ClintJCL) via Photopin CC