New ORSA Website Launched This Week

January 14, 2015

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) has announced the relaunch of the website for the Occupational Road Safety Alliance (ORSA). The site has been updated to provide more information and features for individuals who drive for their profession and highlights safety tips and guidance measures to ensure all drivers are as safe as they can possibly be.

The new ORSA website went live on January 12th and has been put together with additional funding from the Department for Transport who recognise the importance of safety for those who drive for a living and the high risks that are known to effect people who drive for a living. The new website has been designed to be mobile friendly and responsive, meeting the latest web standards and ensuring anyone with an internet connection, on whatever device they own, can access the website and the information.

The new ORSA website provides practical support and guidance, in the form of a wealth of information including advice, direct links to free resources, examples of case studies and research evidence which helps to show those who drive for work and their employers the risks that are out there and how to manage them effectively.


The History of ORSA

The Occupational Road Safety Alliance was originally formed in 2002 and brought together 40 organisations to who work together to promote road safety for those driving for a living and since then it has grown to encompass 150 different organisations. Members of ORSA include every type of company from trade associations to local authorities and police forces.

The key aims of ORSA are:

  • Develop a statement of common goals for member organisations
  • Promote the exchange of information to successfully manage occupational road risk
  • Provide easily accessible advice, information and resources
  • Develop networks to encourage joint working to raise awareness of the risks in the sector

Dangers of Working behind the Wheel

The Department of Transport figures suggest that more than 25% of all road traffic accidents involve somebody who is driving as part of their employment. Whether you drive your own vehicle or one provided by your employer they should have a policy in place to protect you and ensure that risks are properly assessed.

Of all the people who work on the roads bus drivers, HGV drivers and delivery drivers are the most at risk as they spend the majority of their day driving and this can lead to more chance of encountering hazards and issues such as driver fatigue or distraction coming into play. Other drivers including sales representatives or employees who need to drive from meeting to meeting are also at risk and require a workplace assessment in place.

The new ORSA website will help employers organise the assessments they need as well as provide a wide range of guidance.

Photo credit: Mark Hobbs-Photographer via Photopin Creative Commons