Worst Examples of Speeding Revealed

February 25, 2015

The Institute of Advanced Motoring (IAM) has publicised some shocking statistics which show the extent of speeding around the roads in England and Wales in 2014. Excessive speeding has been caught on cameras around the country and the data has been analysed, revealing some truly dangerous driving.

The two worst speeders in the country were caught by Kent Police on the M25. Both of the drivers were going a staggering 146mph when caught on camera and there were three other instances of speed which exceeded 140mph  caught too, on the M6, A1 Great Ponton Northbound Road and the A5 Crick Road.

One of the most terrifying statistic though was found in Sussex where a vehicle was caught speeding at 128mph on a 30mph road, which meant they were going a huge 98mph over the speed limit.

The IAM spoke to police forces across the UK and asked for their highest recorded incidences of speed caught on safety cameras in 2014 and of 36 police forces who responded, all of them had at least one top speeding incident over 110mph with the few exceptions of Greater Manchester, Northumbria, West Midlands, South Yorkshire, Cleveland and City of London.

The only statistic local to Lamb & Co HQ were found to be on the M62, where Merseyside Police safety cameras caught a vehicle speeding at 112mph in a 50mph limit.

30 mph speed limit sign

Change Driving Attitudes

The IAM has further asserted their point that changing the attitudes and driving skills of drivers, for the better, will have a huge impact on the quality of our roads in terms of safety. With this kind of speeding the chance of an accident is seriously increased and with speeds such as these the likelihood of a fatal injury is magnified too.

Testing and research shows that driving at speeds of as high as 140mph means you cannot drive to the best of your ability. 140mph equates to driving around 2.5 miles in a minute and with this kind of speed there is no way any driver can react quickly and properly to hazards, making them a huge risk on the road. This kind of speed makes junctions, emergency stops and changes to the gradient of the road also near impossible to deal with, further adding to the risk of driving at such speeds.

The speed limits in place across England and Wales were chosen with consideration and driving at 140mph equates to double the limit, if not more, on almost every road in the country.

If you’re proven to be speeding and are involved in an accident with another vehicle, the owners of that vehicle are more than right to claim for compensation. Speeding demonstrates a lack of care and respect to the roads and other road users and is likely to end in accident or injury and if caught on camera fines, prosecution and risk to your licence.

photo credit: Old Swinford Hospital – Hagley Road, Stourbridge – sign – 30 Speed limits life via photopin (license)