Staffordshire Safer Roads launch Campaign to raise Awareness of Young Bikers

June 19, 2015

The Staffordshire Safer Roads Partnership has stepped up to speak out for the young bikers in the area, who make up a large proportion of all motorcycle casualties. They have launched a new campaign aimed at reducing the number of young motorcyclists who are injured on the roads of the country.

Staffordshire’s roads are amongst the safest in the whole of England and Wales but 16-25 year olds account for more than half of the motorcycle casualties on the roads. Last year there were 259 bikers involved in road traffic accidents in the county, and 100 of these were young riders.

The new campaign is designed to give young motorcyclists the guidance they need to act safely but also raise awareness of young bikers and bikers of all ages for other road users. The campaign also includes the opportunity to wine motorcycling gear through competitions linked to the videos that make up part of a brand new app developed for the cause.

The app, Biker Jack, uses a range of quirky, engaging videos that highlight the issues young riders face, giving tips on how to stay safe when riding and highlighting the many consequences of riding dangerously or unsafely. The app can be downloaded for free both through the Apple App Store and Google Play Store and it provides information on what to do in accidents and also a GPS tracker so the biker’s exact location is always known.

The campaign is also taking place on a grassroots level, involves a number of Young Rider Meets sessions where bikers and their parents can meet with experienced bikers, road safety professionals and other young bikers. The sessions, like the app, will involve tips on how to stay safe when out riding including information about what to wear, hazards to look out for and best practice around HGVs and buses.


Motorcyclist Road Traffic Accidents

Whilst this campaign is only in Staffordshire it is the kind of event which needs to be rolled out nationwide. Statistics show that whilst motorcyclists make up just 1% of all road users, they are involved in 19% of all fatal accidents and are 38 times more likely to be killed in a road traffic accident than those riding in or driving a car, per mile ridden. Figures for motorcyclists falling victim to accidents, both fatal and not, has fallen but it is still a shockingly high number. In 2013 331 motorcyclists were killed on the roads of England and Wales.

Road safety for motorcyclists doesn’t just depend on the best practice of the riders themselves but also other road users but if the motorcyclist is doing the best they can, they are in a safer position than someone who is riding unsafely or dangerously.